Universal Kayak & Canoe Locking System


Designed for use with: Kayaks & Canoes

 Protect your investment with the Universal Kayak & Canoe Locking Systems! It uses the same cable used in the airline industry - Galvanized Aircraft Cable (3/16" coil steel cable) for the ultimate in kayak and canoe theft prevention. Simply slide a cable loop onto each end of your kayak or canoe and wrap long cable around stationary object so there is no slack - then lock them together with your own lock! Available in three sizes.


  •  Kayak & Canoe theft prevention cable secures your kayak to any stationary object; storage racks, car roof racks, trees, posts, and more
  •  3/16" Coil steel cable
  • Vinyl coated to protect boats, cars, and racks
  •  Universal Kayak & Canoe Locking System installs in seconds, no drilling or tools required
  •  These are locking theft prevention cables - they will not secure a kayak to roof racks for transport purpose
  • Made in the USA
  • Works with any padlock of your choice (padlock not included)

Universal Kayak & Canoe Locking Systems are available in three sizes:

Small Kayak

    • Ideal for kayaks 9' to 14' long
    • Loops are 51" in circumference
    • Long cable is 9' long

Large Kayak

    • Ideal for kayaks 13' to 19' long
    • Loops are 45" in circumference
    • Long cable is 12' long

Canoe & Fishing Kayak

    • Ideal for canoes and large fishing kayaks up to 17' long
    • Loops are 58" in circumference
    • Long cable is 14' long
Included in box:
1 Long Loop Cable
1 Short Loop Cable

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