About Suspenz (NEW)

The original and still the gold standard after 15 years.
In 2005 when Suspenz recognized the lack of storage and transport options
for kayaks and canoes, we made it our mission to revolutionize the Paddlesport
industry. Along the way we innovated 3 entirely new product categories:
     • Storage: Our original concept to “suspend” your kayak on straps
       for the ultimate in protection remains the gold standard. This vast
       product line includes both Wall Mount and Free-Standing Units to
       fit a multitude of watercraft and space challenges.
     • Carts: In our endeavor to “make the haul hassle-free”, we trailblazed
       many functional & practical features into more than a dozen carts
       designed for various sized boats and hulls.
     • Portable Stands: Suspenz continued to pioneer, this time launching a
       game-changing line to support everything from SUPs to oversized fishing
       kayaks — making it easy to clean, rig, repair, and care for your investment.
After 15 years, Suspenz continues to lead the industry with cutting-edge product
development and higher standards for quality of materials, components, and
hardware. Though you may come across other products seemingly similar, none will
come close to matching the uncompromising quality and engineering of Suspenz.

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