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Art of the Kayak Cart

Choosing the right Kayak/Canoe Cart doesn't have to be complicated, but with so many to choose from it can be intimidating. As the Industry Leader in the transportation of your boat or SUP, our cart lineup covers every style of boat on the market! Now let's find the perfect fit for you and your boat's needs.

Carts 101 is our Bible for best practices on getting your boat or SUP to and from water's edge. This page will discuss the many factors you will encounter on your way to having a great day on the water.     

A key factor most manufacturers and customers never consider is the shape and contour of the bottom of a boat. If carts were a one size fits all, we would never offer our extensive lineup. Once you have used a cart not properly fit to your boat, you'll understand why this is so important.

The bottom of your boat is important to consider, but other factors play into your investment.

Decisions you will consider include: - Terrain - Stowability - Versatility - Load Capacity - Adjustability -

Let's make things simple. Whether you're a first timer and just bought your first boat or a seasoned pro and can't find enough space in your garage to store another, we always start with what's underneath.     

Find the shape of your bottom on our graphic pictured above and find the corresponding platform - Adjustable Bunker Bar carts allow for versatility among the multiple kayaks and canoes you own. Folding Carts are best if you want to optimize cargo space when on the water but limited by a specific boat bottom.

All carts (excluding the END Airless & SOT Cart) come with dual cam buckle straps, needed to prevent boat load shifting when traversing rough terrain. The advantage Suspenz carts offer over the competition is the ability to convert between wheel options based on the terrain.     

The standard 10" Airless wheels are a great option to handle most trail terrain you will encounter. Upgrade to inflatable beach wheels if you ever plan to traverse "soft" sand. There is no other wheel type on the market that will allow you to glide over soft sand than the inflatable beach wheels.     

This is the entire line of Suspenz Transportation Carts. After learning about the importance of boat bottom shape, circumstantial preferences, and terrain it's time to choose the right "tool" for the job.     

For any further questions or if you feel unsure about the best cart(s) for your boat and situation, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you!

Happy Paddling!

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