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Arrive at the water's edge safely, efficiently, and with ease.

Let Suspenz kayak carts do the work for you when transporting your watercraft.  Safely move your boat, gear, and personal belongings to your destination in one easy trip. Premium foam-filled airless rubber tires on these kayak wheel carts will never go flat and provide a superior ride. Choose from two types of canoe and kayak dollies - Center or End - each with their own benefits.

Center Carts use tie-down straps and carry the load for you. This makes it easy to maneuver over varied terrain and for longer distances.
End Carts are designed for quick and easy loading without straps; however, you support half the weight of the boat during transport.

The Art of the Cart™ by Suspenz®

What is the right Transport Cart for you & your Kayak & Canoe

Email us a photo of the bottom of your kayak and we will match it to the best cart - Click Here for Photo Samples & email link