Transport Carts

Boats come in all shapes and sizes which is why Suspenz has designed a variety of Transport Carts to fit 99% of Kayaks and Canoes. Finding the right fit for you and your boat depends on a number of factors including:

  • Boat Type and Size
  • Boat Weight with Equipment
  • Shape of the Boat's Hull (Flat, V-Shaped, Catamaran, etc.)
  • Terrain and Distance on your next adventure
  • Storability when Paddling

Understand the difference between Center Carts vs End Carts.

  • Center Carts use tie-down straps and carry the load for you. This makes it easy to maneuver over varied terrain and for longer distances.
  • End Carts are designed for quick and easy loading without straps; however, you support half the weight of the boat during transport.

Answer these questions and learn what cart(s) is/are best for you!