Re-Sale, Donation, and Recycling 2023

Re-Sale, Donation, and Recycling

Suspenz, Inc. (“Suspenz”) is committed to minimizing the life cycle impact of our products. We understand that the life of a product does not end once it can no longer be utilized by its original purchaser, and prolonging the use of a product through donation will lessen the impact on our planet. Once an item becomes unusable, we encourage proper disposal to take advantage of materials that may be recycled. 

Please explore all of the below options if you decide you no longer wish to use your Suspenz product(s): 

  • Donation
    • Play It Again Sports or your local second hand sports store.
    • Sideline Swap or a similar online second hand sports exchange.
    • Your local Goodwill or any local donation center you’d like to support.
    • Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, Craigslist or your local online classifieds.
  • Recycling
    • If item is broken and cannot be repaired or donated, please bring it to your local recycling center and they will be able to separate and dispose of materials correctly.