Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct 2023

Suspenz, Inc. (“Suspenz”)  is committed to ensuring a fair, safe, and just working environment for the workers producing our products. The Suspenz Supplier Code of Conduct supports this commitment by outlining expectations for our suppliers. This code is based on the International Labor Organizations labor standards and the Fair Labor Association’s internationally-recognized fair labor practices. Suspenz suppliers must comply with all applicable laws and regulations and are encouraged to adopt greater fair labor practices into their business operations.

Suspenz suppliers agree to:

  1. Transparency: Maintain open and forthright communication with Suspenz. Provide, upon request, complete and accurate records, including payroll and employee records.
  1. Equal Opportunity & Non-discrimination: Ensure there is no discrimination in employment practices (such as hiring, compensation, recruitment, wage policy, access to training programs, promotion, retirement, or termination) on the basis of gender, gender-identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, national origin, race, color, political affiliation, union membership, ethnic origin or social group. Pregnancy testing shall not be required and pregnant women and new mothers will be provided required accommodations.
  1. Non-harassment & No Harsh or Inhumane Treatment: Treat every employee with dignity and respect and do not engage in any verbal, physical, psychological, or sexual harassment or abuse, including as intimidation or disciplinary tactics. Do not utilize monetary fines or penalties as a form of discipline.
  1. Freely Chosen Employment: Ensure freedom of employment and do not use indentured, bonded, prison or other types of forced labor. Workers maintain freedom of movement and personal identification documents. All fees and costs associated with hiring workers will be paid for by the supplier.
  1. No Exploitation of Child Labor: Follow local law regarding hiring age, unless that age is under 16, whereby suppliers maintain a minimum working age equal to the age required to complete compulsory education. No person under 18 will engage in work which is likely to harm their health, safety, or morals.
  2. Freedom of Association & Collective Bargaining: Respect employees rights to collectively bargain and freely associate. If rights to freedom of association are restricted under local law, suppliers must allow workers to raise grievances without penalty or threat thereof. Suppliers may not interfere with employee association and shall not use any form of penalty or threat against union representatives or workers seeking to join unions.
  1. Reasonable Hours of Work: Ensure workers do not work more than local and overtime laws permit. The regular workweek will not exceed 60 hours. For every six days worked, a minimum of 24 hours of rest will be provided to workers. Overtime hours will be consensual and appropriately compensated for.
  1. Fair Wages and Benefits: Workers should be fairly compensated through compensation packages consisting of benefits and wages that, at the very least, comply with legally mandated minimum standards. Employees will be compensated for overtime at a higher rate that must meet or exceed legal minimum and/or collective agreements and/or industry benchmark standards.
  1. Health, Safety, Environment: Provide a healthy and safe working environment with reasonable measures to prevent accident or injury of employees due to the operation of the facility. Suppliers maintain accurate and up to date records on all necessary permits or certifications and train employees on health and safety topics including: chemical management; fire safety; evacuation procedures; machine safety; waste disposal; sanitation; and vehicle inspections. Provide all necessary first aid equipment, personal protective equipment, and adequate heating, ventilation, air condition systems.
  1. Community: Suppliers are encouraged to improve the well-being of employees, their families, and the communities they operate in.