Adjusting Your Deluxe Rack

 Adjusting Your Kayak Storage Rack - length, width, and depth of your boat

• Length:  The length of your longest boat will help determine the Free-Standing "tower" or Wall Mount spacing. If you have bulkheads in your kayak then space the racks so they are in-line with the bulkheads as this is the strongest part of the kayak. See chart at the bottom of this page.

•  Width:  The width (beam) of each boat will determine the height placement  of the "suspension bar" on the post of the Free Standing tower.  The post is adjustable in 2" increments to fit kayaks up to 34" wide. 

 Depth:  The depth of each boat will determine the position of the pivot arm. The length of the straps are adjusted to suspend the boat above the suspension bar. The arms of both the Wall Mount Rack and Free Standing Rack fit kayaks up to 23" deep.


The distance between the Free-Standing Rack towers OR Wall Mount Racks is based on the length of your kayak.  Ideal rack spacing is 40% of total boat length, (boat length x 0.4 = spacing).  Please refer to our helpful spacing chart, as well:  Click Here for Spacing Chart

NOTE: If your kayak has bulkheads, some manufacturers suggest supporting your kayak at the bulkheads.