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Kayak and SUP Covers


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Protect your watercraft from harsh elements during storage with our SUP, and Kayak storage covers! Made from premium fabric strong enough to be UV Ray and water-resistant to keep your watercraft in tip top shape!  These kayak and SUP covers for outdoor storage available in 3 sizes! 

  • Mildew resistant
  • Breathable to protect watercraft surface - excellent mildew proof
  • Durable anti-tear
  • Stain resistant
  • UV Protected
  • Water resistant 

Sizes Available:

  • Small Kayak for kayaks 9' - 12'  

  • Medium Kayak for kayaks 12' - 15' SOLD OUT

  • SUP for paddle boards up to 13.5'

  • Canoe - SOLD OUT

Not sure which kayak and canoe cover for outdoor storage fits your watercraft? Please use our chart below to help you decide!  

A general guideline for figuring out the circumference of your boat is to double your boat's width and add the depth  (Boat Width x 2 + Depth = Circumference).


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