The Art of the Cart

          For many of us, the anticipation and excitement of heading out for a paddle can be tempered by the less than exciting realization of the hassles of transporting your boat. The joy of getting your SUP, kayak, or canoe out onto the water can be taken away by the backbreaking and awkward reality of having to actually get there. By choosing a cart to transport your boat and gear, much of that hassle is removed, allowing you to quickly and easily enjoy a family outing or perhaps a solo paddle in the evening sun. When choosing a cart to transport your SUP, kayak, or canoe, it’s important to understand some of the basic styles and options, as well as consider the type of boat you own and terrain you will most commonly be encountering.

            First, there are two basic styles to choose from when buying a cart for your watercraft: the center cart and the end cart. Each style has different advantages and can shine in different situations when helping you get you to the water. Center carts have the benefit of being able to transport heavier boats more easily; they also offer the advantage of being able to fold small to stash on your boat while paddling or for storage. End carts offer the advantage of being even more efficient in quickly loading your boat. Both styles offer airless wheels so that you never lose time dealing with a flat tire. Here is a breakdown of the features of both styles, center and end carts, to ensure you make the best choice for you and your boat’s transport needs.

Center Carts:  The center cart has one purpose: to make transporting a heavy or bulky watercraft as easy as possible.  Like its name suggests, a center cart supports the center of your watercraft, meaning that the cart holds the bulk of the weight. Just secure the center of your boat onto the cart, cinch with the attached sturdy straps, and you are ready to go! Center carts are also perfect for traveling long distances, provide more maneuverability on difficult terrain, and offer the advantage of easily folding down.

When looking at center carts you’ll need to consider the general size and weight of your boat.  Suspenz carries a full line of center carts. If you are looking to be able to fold a cart down quite small and easily fit in your boat, a great choice could be the DLX Airless Cart. This cart's sturdy but lightweight aluminum frame also features 10” airless wheels.  If you’re heading out onto the water with a larger boat, perhaps a fishing kayak, you’ll need a cart that can handle heavy cargo easily.  For heavier loads, there’s nothing better than the Suspenz Mag-Lite SD Airless Cart.  With a weight limit of up to 300lbs and a steel frame with 16” airless wheels, this cart can handle just about anything. 


End Carts:  These carts are the best option when you’ve got a light load or you’re traveling a short distance.  Minimal set-up time is required, simply slip your boat onto the end of the cart and you’re all set! Because you will be carrying more of the weight of your boat from the end, these quick and convenient carts are best for lighter weight SUPs, kayaks or canoes. They are a great choice for boaters who frequently make shorter trips, perhaps living or storing the boat near the water.   If you’ve decided on an end cart style, the Suspenz Airless END Cart is a fantastic and efficient way to go. It’s super fast loading, and the design allows you to easily adjust it to fit your boat’s depth and width. This cart is available in large and extra large versions to fit the widest range of kayaks on the market.        

With such a wide variety of cart designs to choose from, Suspenz has something to fit your every transportation need and get you on the water with ease and convenience. 


Happy Paddling!